• Move from social isolation into connection
• Strengthen your relationships

• Learn to shift from reactive, defensive patterns to
  open, responsive ways of being
• Recover sensititvity, organic capacity for feeling and expand
  your range of expression

• Deepen awareness of yourself and others


WHO: 3 to 6 men who want to have a greater impact in relationships, work & community
STARTS: September 9, 2019
WHEN: Mondays, 7:00 to 8:30pm
WHERE: Healdsburg
COST: $45 per session
CONTACT: 707-879-8554 or


This group is well-suited for fathers, meditators, image-makers, musicians, writers, activists, gardeners, farmers, and anyone dedicated to self-exploration. Recognizing and inhabiting ourselves— feelings, needs and desires—makes it possible to manifest the life we want. Working in groups offers us the opportunity to illuminate problematic patterns of relating and make different choices that support new ways of being. In this group, we’ll make space to listen for what needs expression, attention and recognition in our lives. We’ll learn to expand our capacity to field challenging emotional experience. Each group will start with a few minutes of meditation followed by space to check in about our lives and engage each other.

CONTACT DETAILS: Please contact me for a 20 minute phone consultation to help you determine if this group is right for you. One to two regular, paid therapy sessions are a prerequisite for joining.