All of us have underlying wishes and desires to live more fully, with greater integrity and presence, more joy and freedom. I use an integrated model of psychotherapy, that includes working with the embodied truth of what is happening in the present moment, to help you:

• Live with an open heart
• Experience more love and freedom in relationships
• Feel stronger in your commitments
• Clarify your intentions and desires
• Relieve depression and anger
• Express the truth of who you are
• Find satisfaction through your work
• Recognize and realize your unique gifts
• Cultivate awareness of thoughts and feelings
• Discover more meaning and find direction                                                                                        

I offer a supportive relationship to help you live your fullest potential and create stronger connections. I specialize in working with the following men’s issues:

• Avoiding loved ones
• Difficulty in making commitments
• Loss and grief
• Feeling disconnected, isolated and lonely
• Depression and anger
• Feeling lost, unsure of your direction
• Being disconnected from your desire
• Being unable to express the truth and depth of your feelings
• Not knowing how your past effects and conditions your life
• Staying so busy you’re unable to relax into presence, effortless being
and deeper realization
• Existential issues, including a lack of meaning in your life