When I move toward you, it is with my whole life.
                                                                           ––Rainer Maria Rilke

Find Freedom in Relationship

To live artfully, to realize and share our greatest wishes, dreams and desires, we need good relationships. Strong bonds give us a sense of belonging, and help us focus, find direction, and unfold our fullest potential. 

I collaborate with couples in a dynamic, experiential way rooted in the here and now. To enter into presence with another is to wake up to the power and possibility of transformation, and to the intimate truth of who you are. Our feelings, needs and desires––vital for growth––can be illuminated in the dynamic tensions of our relationships. Couples thrive when they’re able to consistently contact and express the truth of their embodied experience in
a stable, safe environment. In our sessions: 

• Learn to compassionately navigate major life transitions:
   parenting, work and loss
• Learn to identify patterns of avoidance, ambivalence, insecurity
   and clarify your commitment
• Transform stuck, reactive patterns into new, responsive ways of being
• Heal damaging relationship dynamics by understanding them in
   the context of early childhood conditioning
• Transform abandoning behaviors––including infidelities
   and addictions––into greater presence and closeness
• Learn to let go of power struggles and empower yourself
• Recognize the intrinsic value of your differences
   and how to consciously hold organic tension
• Move through feelings of being trapped into a greater
   sense of spaciousness and freedom

It is completely natural to want to express and share our love. To want security, to be connected and feel we belong. To want to feel alive, true and beautiful. We have an organic capacity to feel and connect. Creating closeness in relationship happens with practice. How and where you direct your energy as a couple determines the quality of your life together. Learning to recognize and communicate your authentic feelings, needs and desires, deepens closeness over time. Learning to differentiate between creative responsiveness and destructive reaction puts you in charge of how you show up in your relationship.

We are naturally energetic beings who have the potential to grow and thrive in relationship. We can lose touch with our essential aliveness (our body) early in life. Couples therapy is a practice of using your relationship to renew and re-vitalize the passion of your individual lives and your life together. By developing embodied awareness and focusing your attention in the present, you’ll practice making new choices to disrupt dysfunctional relational patterns and redirect your energy in creative, spontaneous ways.